Asda’s new toffee apple sausages: sweet, savoury and all kinds of right

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Sausage and toffee, surely this can’t work. Surely?


Asda Toffee Apple sausages Toffee Apple Sausages. Sweet! (Picture: Asda)

We’re all busy people, right? What we need are ways to time-manage our lives beautifully, yeah? Well supermarket chain Asda has come up with a deliciously canny ‘slash those hours’ solution: dins and pudding in one. Sort of.

In their stores, right now, are, wait for it, Extra Special Toffee Apple Sausages. That’s toffee and apple in a sausage. We know!

Apparently they were created especially for Bonfire Night by Northern Ireland-based artisan supplier Finnebrogue – but we say they were created to blow our minds.

We repeat: that’s toffee and apple in a sausage. We’re talking whole cuts of pork… chopped apple… sticky toffee sauce… full-on toffee pieces…

What in the name of Guy Fawkes is going on?!

Asda Toffee Apple sausages Sticky fun! (Picture: Asda)

Well according to Asda sausage buyer, Guy Dobson (A. Now *that’s* a job. And, B. Another Guy…), what’s going on makes…

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