2017 Food Festival Dates for your diary!

We are very lucky in this county and beyond, to have such wonderful food and produce - what better way to experience all of this together than at a Food Festival! Here's a round up of the upcoming 2017 Food Festivals in Devon as well as a couple from  Cornwall. Click on the website links… Continue reading 2017 Food Festival Dates for your diary!


Latest News – Celebrate English Wine Week in Devon

English Wine Week begins on 28th May with plans to raise awareness of the quality of our national vineyards. Devon Hotels and Restaurants Association member, Rendezvous Wine Bar in Exeter is celebrating with self-led wine tasting sessions at their city centre restaurant throughout the week. Jemma Mitchell, owner of Rendezvous and Vice Chairman of the… Continue reading Latest News – Celebrate English Wine Week in Devon

Eating Exeter Update – April

Well April is already here, and so far I've been as busy as ever with blog stuff.  Life and health has got in the way slightly more than last year, but the show continues as ever. April is the highlight of the foodie calendar in Exeter with the fantastic Exeter Food Festival which took place… Continue reading Eating Exeter Update – April

Eating Exeter Update (November-ish)

Life has somewhat got in the way recently.  Lack of money, lack of time and definitely a lack of energy has meant that EE had to be put on the back burner for a couple of weeks whilst I recharged my batteries, consumed Burger King Burgers and other assorted things that foodies just should not… Continue reading Eating Exeter Update (November-ish)

Eating Exeter Update – October

Well, summer has long gone. As I write this, there is water falling from the sky. I think its called 'rain', but I hear people call it 'catzndogs' too, so I might rename it something 'autumnishere' or 'sodoff'. Surrealism aside.  Keep your peepers peeled for some bits coming up on the blog over the next… Continue reading Eating Exeter Update – October

Eating Exeter Update – August (No.2)

So I thought I'd just put out a little update before going downstairs and making a brew. The last few months have been the busiest in the history of the blog, I've spoken to more people and been to more events than ever, and just when you think its about to stop, something else appears… Continue reading Eating Exeter Update – August (No.2)

Eating Exeter Update (August-ish)

I actually wrote this last night, but in its dying breathe my main PC froze completely and I lost the text.  So I am having another go at telling you chaps what's happening in the world of Eating Exeter over the next few weeks. I've been having a bit of a holiday recently from all things… Continue reading Eating Exeter Update (August-ish)

Eating Exeter Update – July

It seems like no time at all since the last update.  We had a really busy June, including a visit to The HH Restaurant, some product reviews and a rather interesting experience at The Red Deer in Crediton.  And the end of June and beginning of July seems to be hotting up to be quite… Continue reading Eating Exeter Update – July

Eating Exeter Update – June 2015

At the beginning of the year I said to myself "I must try and do other things other than Eating Exeter..." and I can safely say that like most new year pledges, that has gone firmly out of the window.  June is shaping up to be a busy month on the blog, but it certainly… Continue reading Eating Exeter Update – June 2015

‘Read Reviews’ page! Now all reviews are easy to find…

One thing I have been dying to do since Eating Exeter reached size enough to warrant it was to index the reviews in to some sort of easy glance page. It is an urge that I have now and again, being a librarian these things are inevitable. And that has now happened, head to 'Read… Continue reading ‘Read Reviews’ page! Now all reviews are easy to find…

100,000 views – Thank you!

So today marked a little milestone in the history of Eating Exeter.  We hit 100,000 views!  Its taken 3 years or so to get here, and for a blog that started as an idea three years ago between myself and Polly over a glass of wine, I think this is quite impressive. Thanks to everyone… Continue reading 100,000 views – Thank you!

Beer, Burger and Beyond – The latest!

Beer, Burger and Beyond has been a little quiet recently.  But recently the beer has been flowing and the burgers have been eaten (after a spell of being quite healthy and fiscally poor). The first adventure is a quick write-up of the North Devon Ale Trail, which we have done a few times, but this… Continue reading Beer, Burger and Beyond – The latest!

Eating Exeter Update: Number 2

One day I will come up with a consistent name for these updates.  I might even give it a snappy name like Eating Exeter Express, The Irregular Eating Exeter Update or something along those lines. So summer is over, like some distant memory the enslaught of autumn is upon us like the brown and wet entity… Continue reading Eating Exeter Update: Number 2

Eating Exeter Update – 23rd July 2014

This is a new idea that I have thought might work.  It's very much an experiment, so like all great experiments it might explode with a big BANG. The idea behind this is that quite a lot happens in connection with Eating Exeter, and when there are things on the horizon it'd be nice to… Continue reading Eating Exeter Update – 23rd July 2014

Boston Tea Party, 84 Queen St

I absolutely love going out for brunch, I don't know why but I find it so much more exciting than any other meal out! It's probably because most of the time I use the term brunch as an excuse to have a dessert as a main meal, pancakes at 6pm... "it's fine it's brunch!" So when… Continue reading Boston Tea Party, 84 Queen St