Lloyd’s Kitchen: ensuring excellence through a feedback evening

For any restaurant or café, quality of output is incredibly important.  British diners are a very picky lot, and because we’re not very good at complaining restaurants don’t often get to read about a bad burger or an over-cooked steak until they see it on TripAdvisor. One of Exeter’s best loved restaurants is Lloyd's Kitchen… Continue reading Lloyd’s Kitchen: ensuring excellence through a feedback evening


Irish Cream Tiramisu…just a little celebration!

IRISH CREAM TIRAMISU I've long been tinkering about with a bottle of Bailey's, seeing how it could b... - http://pinterest.com/pin/210332245072779612/?utm_source=android_share

Sylvain’s Little French Cakes: Pattiserie Perfection

For Eating Exeter, product testing is a bit of a rarity.  Once Gourmet Garden sent us a whole bunch of squeezy herbs which I tried to love but failed to, and now and again we get the odd thing sent through which either gets a write up because its lovely or casually ignored if it… Continue reading Sylvain’s Little French Cakes: Pattiserie Perfection

Jack Sprat’s Cafe Restaurant, 18 The Strand, Dawlish

When most people think about Dawlish, most associate it with chips and takeaway by the beach on a summer’s day and not with a place to go for an evening meal. However there is a hidden gem along the main shopping street (The Strand) and it goes by the name of Jack Sprat's. Now I've… Continue reading Jack Sprat’s Cafe Restaurant, 18 The Strand, Dawlish