Exeter Food Festival 2017 starts today!

Today marks the beginning of the Exeter Festival of South West Food & Drink, taking place in Northernhay Gardens in Exeter. This year is chocked full of producers, demos and an appearance from Tom Kerridge too. Have a gander at the programme! Eating Exeter editor Chris Gower will be appearing in the BBC Radio Devon… Continue reading Exeter Food Festival 2017 starts today!


Devon food on the telly!

It seems like the rest of the world is realising how epic Devon is becoming as a hub of everything good when it comes to food we serve in restaurants and food produced by those businesses that reside here in our majestic county. I was dead excited to see Steve and Pete from Good Game… Continue reading Devon food on the telly!

10 Questions: Boom Kitchen® by Lauren Heath

Boom Kitchen®  www.boomkitchen.co.uk f: /boomkitchen  t: @boomrevolution  m: 07894586536 Our awareness of Boom Kitchen® came about during one of our many food event visits. We both love curries and make them from scratch occasionally at home, but no one can deny that it is easier to keep a sauce in the cupboard. What initially caught… Continue reading 10 Questions: Boom Kitchen® by Lauren Heath