Lloyd’s Kitchen: ensuring excellence through a feedback evening

For any restaurant or café, quality of output is incredibly important.  British diners are a very picky lot, and because we’re not very good at complaining restaurants don’t often get to read about a bad burger or an over-cooked steak until they see it on TripAdvisor. One of Exeter’s best loved restaurants is Lloyd's Kitchen… Continue reading Lloyd’s Kitchen: ensuring excellence through a feedback evening



urbanburger is launching a new URBAN DELIVERY service in Exeter on Friday, 24th February 2017. Their mission is to deliver high quality food straight to their customers’ homes, by delivery drivers on motor bikes. Simply download the app at https://urbanburger.app4food.co.uk and place your order for delivery. You can even pre-order a delivery for a specific… Continue reading URBAN DELIVERY GOES LIVE

Eating Exeter does Powderham Food Festival

Both of us visited Powderham Food Festival independently, and wandered round in our groups enjoying many facets of the festival. Now in it's 5th year, it hosts food producers, food stalls, children's activities, a cookery theatre and it's USP is the Fire and Smoke Tent; most events with BBQ events are mainly for BBQ enthusiasts,… Continue reading Eating Exeter does Powderham Food Festival

The Carless Foodie: foot-friendly foodie destinations near Exeter

Exeter Food Festival is just around the corner, and it is easy to see that our region has become a shining beacon for food lovers over the last ten years, and us Exonians are in the middle of the party. But for those of us reliant on public transport, getting out to visit some of the best… Continue reading The Carless Foodie: foot-friendly foodie destinations near Exeter

Food Magazine’s Reader Award 2016 (and Exeter Living article)

In terms of the blog, this year has got off to quite a good start.  I found out yesterday that Eating Exeter had managed to get to the Grand Final at The Food Magazine Readers Awards 2016, which means an awards ceremony at Yeo Valley HQ and the possibility that I might win an award.… Continue reading Food Magazine’s Reader Award 2016 (and Exeter Living article)